Our API integrations: connect Ermeo to all your business software

With Ermeo, you can make the most of data collected in the field by updating your business software. With its API integration, Ermeo interfaces with your IT ecosystem.

Synchronize Ermeo with your business software in real time

Want to know more about our Integrations?

Automate data exchange with our API

To automate exchanges between Ermeo and your systems, we provide REST APIs. This allows Ermeo to be easily connected to your software. 

With our API you can for example :

  • Planning interventions in Ermeo from another planning tool
  • Retrieve Ermeoreports for storage in the CMMS or an EDM
  • Make PDFs from your EDM accessible on your technicians' applications
  • Make your sensor measurementsaccessible in Ermeo
Successful integration

Make your integration a success

To successfully integrate Ermeo into your software, our technical experts are available to advise you and to ensure a technical upgrade if necessary. You have 2 possibilities :

  • Carry out this integration yourself, independently by your IS teams with support from our experts.
  • Subcontract this work to integrators you are used to working with. If necessary, we have selected partners who are familiar with the Ermeo API and can assist you with the integration.

Secure your data and flows

The security of data and flows is critical for Ermeo and for you, we have done everything possible to guarantee a high level of security. 

  • The exchange flows are encrypted (unique use of HTTPS protocol by SSL/TLS), and are authenticated by a single token with a limited lifespan (OAuth2) to limit the use of passwords as much as possible (risk factor).
  • The data can only be accessed by persons accredited by you. The database is not accessible from the outside and is fully encrypted.
  • Our API always acts passively, i.e. requests are always initiated by your information system.

Ermeo's architecture is regularly audited by independent firms.

Secure your data and flows