An evening to learn more about Industry 4.0

Industry Evening 4.0

Based on the experience of multiple field deployments, Victor Payan (COO, Ermeo), François Coulloudon (CEO, TEEPTRAK) and Davy Pillet (CEO, Ellistat) will present to you - in partnership with the French Fab and the Solution Providers label - the key dimensions and drivers essential to any organizational transformation that will increase the chances of a successful transition to Industry 4.0.

Program of this evening dedicated to Industry 4.0

19h00 - 19h30 : Welcome
19h30 - 20h30 : Conferences and Q&A
20h30 - 22h30 : Cocktail & Networking

Technology, connectivity, and management: the industry's winning triptych 4.0

Ermeo - Will humans have a place in the industry of the future? (20min)

One of the main challenges for the industry in the coming years is to achieve operational excellence, namely to produce more, faster and better while respecting the environment and its employees.

Many technological evolutions such as robotization (e.g. cobots) or digitalization (e.g. IoT, big data, augmented and virtual realities...) are booming and are upsetting the current balance. The man/machine in particular.

How to industrialize, or even automate, all repetitive and non-value-added tasks to improve productivity, quality and responsiveness? How to place the human being on value-added tasks and optimize cohabitation with machines?

These are all questions that will be addressed during the conference presented by Victor Payan, co-founder and COO ofErmeo. A graduate of CentraleSupelec, he accompanied many industrial companies in their digitalisation for nearly 3 years within the firm BearingPoint. At the beginning of 2015, he decided to create Ermeo with his 2 partners, Pierre and Christophe Joly.

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TEEPTRAK - Technological complexity and project success (20min)


Digital transformation in industry too often rhymes with integration complexity, tedious learning curves and uncontrolled ROI. Industry 4.0 solution providers often seek to accelerate their sales by using a variety of business arguments, sometimes opportunistic and often unrealistic.

This conference will address the following questions: How do we know if a technology is interesting? How to ensure that what comes out of it, especially data, is accessible and intelligible? How to maximise impact and return on investment?

François Coulloudon, founder of TEEPTRAK, will present to you concrete experiences acquired thanks to 10 years of experience in the deployment of industrial performance improvement projects, in France and abroad.

With his operational expertise as a former consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and his many conferences on the subject, this polytechnician is considered one of the leading figures on topics related to performance monitoring and operational excellence in the industry.

ELLISTAT - Automated Process Control, how to automate the adjustment of machine tools? (20min)

Our companies are increasingly confronted with quality issues where the application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools is no longer sufficient to meet our customers' requirements. This makes it all the more difficult to recruit qualified adjusters capable of mastering machine tools.

However, mature technologies do exist and make it possible to combine our needs to automate adjustment and improve production quality:Automated Process Control (APC). APC enables a machine to be adjusted based on the measurement of a single part and is now deployed in many companies in the automotive, aeronautics, medical and watchmaking sectors.

This conference will address the principle of the APC and its applications to machining processes through industrial examples and concrete applications. It will be presented by Davy Pillet (X2004), CEO of Ellistat. An expert in statistical analysis, he is the author of Design For Six Sigma, Satisfying Customers through Innovation in Six Sigma Quality (Eyrolle).

They have participated in previous parties... and loved it!

"An innovative and unifying concept, useful for taking the temperature of a sector. I recommend for all consultants and experts in the sector addressed. "Jeremy. C - Deloitte

"I completely agree with the perception and approach proposed. As Mr. Coulloudon said, people are the key to success. Change management is fundamental. Technologies are very exceptionally limiting. "Philip. C - General Electric

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