SNCF infrapole Paris Sud-Est: digitalisation of train formation operations

training digitization

Discover in pictures how the teams at the Paris South-East SNCF infrapole have gained in responsiveness and improved the quality of the data collected in the field thanks to the Connected Operator Platform.

The use of Ermeo means that technicians in the field no longer need to carry all the documentation necessary for their various interventions (and thus significantly improve their quality of life at work).

They can now directly and easily access all the information they need in real time via their smartphone or tablet.

If necessary, they can also more easily collaborate with their colleagues by transferring a form with a single click at any time during their intervention.

At the same time, our application offers full traceability of the information collected in the field. No more loss of information due to paper media, bad weather conditions, (re)input errors or even missing information.

In addition to significant time savings and improved responsiveness, the digitalization and standardization of their operational processes via our solution has also enabled them to improve the quality of life of technicians as well as the quality of traceability of information collected in the field.

Thomas DIDIER Marketing Director