Ermeo selected for SAP's Startup Select MachineLearning program

SAP Startup Select MachineLearning

SAP, a major player in digital transformation, is known for placing innovation at the heart of its strategy, as demonstrated by the launch of its SAP Startup Select MachineLearning programme. SAP is also behind a number of measures aimed at startups, such as the launch in 2012 of the global incubation programme SAP Start-Up Focus, which was designed to support the development of 2,800 startups in the Big Data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence sectors, via the SAP Cloud Platform.

What is SAP Startup Select MachineLearning?

SAP Startup Select #MachineLearning is a collaborative program between startups and SAP (a company that develops and sells software, including management and maintenance systems). SAP Labs experts support and guide 3 selected startups, including Ermeo, Bio Serenity and Brain Links, for three months. These start-ups also have access to SAP Leonardo Machine Learning solutions to meet their challenges.

What's in it for us?

We benefit from the personalized coaching of SAP Labs teams for 3 months. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning's capabilities are assessed, and we have the opportunity to meet with SAP sales forces and identify common business opportunities. Finally, we are developing a strategic partnership.

What are the rewards?

We will have the opportunity to present our collaboration to Comex SAP France and to be noticed by SAP decision-makers! But also to benefit from a large visibility thanks to the installation of our showcase in the SAP France Executive Briefing Center, which counts more than 1000 visitors per month.

Camille de WAELE Content & Communication Manager Camille de Waele, Content & Communication Manager