Equipment referencing

Equipment referencing

The referencing of equipment and assets raises several issues:

  • Having real time visibility on the condition of your equipment is crucial to better manage your preventive maintenance operations as well as your human and financial resources
  • Managers will have a better visibility on the interventions carried out by their teams, thanks to the data collected they will have the right dashboards and will be able to make better collected, they will have the right dashboards and will be able to make better decisions
  • Traceability: Knowing at any time where a piece of equipment is located, knowing which assets are present in an equipment pool
  • To be able to trace all the interventions carried out on an equipment and to know the status of an equipment in real time
  • Improving the quality of interventions

What is Ermeo's added value?

Real-time updating: all information about an asset can be updated very easily and quickly by the operator in the field and by the remote operator if required. 

Ermeo gives you a 360° view of the entire equipment park.

In a few clicks, you can reference a piece of equipment with its brand, its date of commissioning, its geolocation, etc. A database will be created automatically and will allow you to have a complete view of your assets.

Ermeo allows you to automatically have real-time visibility on all your data and therefore to act in time to process the information that is reported.

Referencing equipment with Ermeo

On the mobile application, your field operators click on "start an intervention", then on the "reference an equipment" field.

They fill out an intervention form with pre-filled fields. 

Inside this form are :

  • Information about the speaker such as name / first name, date 
  • Information about the intervention (client, site address and GPS coordinates)

Then you enter the block "Referencing a new equipment" where you will find : 

  • Description of the equipment
  • The brand of the equipment 
  • The date of commissioning 
  • The "Is the equipment functional? »
  • Comments

How to improve equipment referencing

The Ermeo tool therefore allows you toimprove the quality of field interventions and tofacilitate the work of your operators in the field.

If you want to know more, watch the video (at the top of the page) of our Webinar on Equipment Referencing!

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