Asset listing and monitoring

Asset listing and monitoring

In order to better prioritize and optimize your investments and interventions, you need to have a good knowledge of the state of your assets: sites, buildings, equipment, etc. From referencing your assets to updating their status and condition, Ermeo excels at tracking your assets.

With Ermeo you can reference in a few clicks a piece of equipment with its brand name, date of commissioning, geolocation, etc. A database will be created automatically which will allow you to have a complete view of your asset base.

Watch our Webinar to find out how to reference your assets with Ermeo.

The program of this webinar is as follows:

  •  The introduction
  •  The presentation of the context, the stakes of referencing and asset monitoring
  •  Demonstration of the parameterization and key functionalities
  •  KPIs and business impact
  •  Questions and Answers
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