Record, follow and close an anomaly from the field thanks to Ermeo

mobile application

The management of anomalies, reservations or non-conformities is critical for industrial companies, whether on your production lines, your equipment or your construction sites, they are omnipresent.

With Ermeo, handle your anomalies from start to finish:

  • Simply declare on the move all the anomalies that operators identify during their interventions with all the necessary information: criticality, comments (voice dictation), photos, geolocation, etc.
  • Get a complete view of the status of all anomalies: taken into account, planned correction, etc. Notifications alert you when the number of anomalies exceeds the threshold, or when the date for taking them into account has passed. 
  • Give your operators the means to easily close anomalies by displaying a list of all anomalies with planned closure dates and corrective actions to be performed.

Watch the replay of our webinar on defect management, hosted by Charles Téouléand Alexandre Renault.

On the agenda:

  • A presentation by Ermeo
  • A demonstration of the solution
  • Our clients' results in figures
  • Questions and Answers
Emma Duverne Marketing Manager