Optimise the management of your interventions and make the most of the data collected in the field

Optimise your interventions and make the most of your data - Ermeo

Ermeo is a specialised solution for industry players (transport, energy, oil & gas, etc.) that will enable you to digitise all your activities.
Digitalisation is a necessity today. It will enable you to improve the safety and collaboration of your field teams, their productivity and to gain in quality. In particular, digitalization with Ermeo will enable you to enhance the value of data.

LGM is a company whose objective is to improve the availability, total cost of ownership and experience of complex systems through digital support and maintenance engineering.

In this webinar presented by Christophe Joly (Director of Operations at Ermeo), Marc Sassus Bourda (Data Transformation Expert at LGM), Nicolas Beaube (Head of Digitalisation at LGM) and Christophe Maugenest (Head of IoT & Data Analytics), discover how to optimise your interventions and make the most of your collected data.

The program of this webinar is as follows:

  • The presentation of Ermeo and LGM
  • The demonstration
  • The CMMS-Ermeo interface
  • The valuation of the data
  • Questions & Answers
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