Ermeo product news - January 2022

ermeo product news

Find out about the latest Ermeo features and product innovations available since the end of January 2022.

📄Simplification of the custom report configuration file

The new report configuration file makes it easier to retrieve tags from your forms, especially those for database bricks or repeatable sections. This saves precious time!

As a reminder, this file allows you to set up custom reports to automate the production of customer deliverables in your company's colours.

This new file is also available in English.

configuration file Ermeo custom reports

⚙️ More natural selection of the main resource of an intervention

It is now possible to set up a database brick from the editing studio in order to designate a main resource during an intervention!

Users are thus better guided in the choice of the main resource: they no longer have to do so before the intervention is launched.

As a reminder, assigning a resource to an intervention improves the traceability and identification of the various interventions on the web platform.

main resource selection during Ermeo intervention

👤S end invitation emails to your new users

From now on, you can send an invitation email to new Ermeo users. No need to set a password for them and send it to them, they will receive the necessary steps to create their own password and access Ermeo on their own!

This eliminates a tedious task for administrators, and improves the security of your data.

email invitation new ermeo users

✅ Other corrections and improvements

  • Redesign of the automatic exports to simplify their configuration

automatic export ermeo

  • Display checkboxes for yes/no bricks in your custom frames

check box ermeo
Morgane NERET Head of Marketing