Ermeo product news - February and March 2022

Ermeo multilingual news

Discover the summary of Ermeo's features and new products available on the solution since February and March.

🧷Attachments to your intervention reports

A new brick has appeared in the editing studio: the "Pièce Jointe" brick.

Thanks to it, you can now :

  • Attachments to your resources from the Ermeo platform in order to make them available to your mobile operators (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.).
  • Enrich your reports by uploading files directly during an intervention
  • Send the end of intervention report by email, with its attachments

With this functionality, document collection and file management associated with your databases are made easier.

brick pj studio edition ermeo

🇬🇧 Multilingual improvement

It is now possible to translate your multiple choice options, document names and folder names so that your field operators can view them in the desired language.

As a reminder, multilingual forms allow your teams to work in several languages on the same form.

Ermeo multilingual news

🧑🔧 Customizing the display of resource lists on the Ermeo application

You can now highlight the attributes you want in the list of resources that can be consulted on the Ermeo app during an intervention.

Your operators can see key information (equipment type, location, etc.) at a glance, without having to go into each resource to get it.

perso display resource lists ermeo

📲 Access parent resource data from the field

Have you prioritised your resources with a parent-child relationship model in your Ermeo database? (If the answer is no, we encourage you to do so 😉 )

From now on, your operators can obtain information on the parent resource of the one they are working on directly from their intervention form.

This allows them to retrieve the name of the parent of a resource selected in a form, and more broadly, any attribute of the parent.

parent field resources Ermeo

Morgane NERET Head of Marketing