Monitoring and traceability of interventions in the field

Monitoring and traceability of interventions

To better prioritize and optimize your interventions, you need to have a good traceability of what is done in the field. From the planning of the interventions to their completion, from the feedback of the collected information to their processing or distribution, with Ermeo, excel in the follow-up of execution and intervention.

Ermeo allows you to manage very easily : 

  • Response planning,
  • Their realization,
  • The feedback of the collected information,
  • As well as their processing or dissemination.

This use case applies to all types of interventions and all types of assets or equipment.

In the program of our webinar you will discover :

  • Ermeo's presentation
  • Use cases and associated issues
  • The demonstration
  • Results in figures for our customers
  • The questions and answers
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