Hanson Contracting x Ermeo

Find out in this article how Hanson Contracting digitizes its processes with Ermeo.

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Hanson Contracting is a national paving and infrastructure company with extensive experience in highway construction work throughout the UK, including the High-Speed for National Highways initiative.

1. Hanson Contracting's business challenges

Chris Harrison, sales manager at Hanson Contracting, wanted to transform the company's business processes and get real-time data from its mobile workforce management software.

Indeed, since the teams are constantly on the move from one site to another, it was crucial to improve the flow of information between the team leaders and the field technicians. It was also important to facilitate the transmission of data collected in the field to the office. Using paper forms wasted a lot of time and often led to data entry errors.

2. How Ermeo helps solve Hanson Contracting's challenges 

Working with Causeway Ermeo, Chris and his team were able to achieve their goals and more. By digitizing their job site processes, Ermeo has allowed them to reduce up to four hours of administrative work per week through its pre-populated information. They access automatically pre-populated information in forms from their databases, while improving efficiency through the Connected Operator Platform. Re-keying errors have been eliminated by 100%, as well as time spent re-reading. With Ermeo, Hanson Contracting homogenizes its data, centralizes it and updates it on all business tools simultaneously.

Thanks to the Connected Operator Platform, team leaders are able to manage their activities more efficiently and have better traceability of operations performed in the field. Field operators save time by leaving behind low-value tasks.

   3. Client testimonial

Ermeo is very easy to use and has saved me up to 4 hours a week on administrative tasks. We have noticed that with the use of Ermeo, the response rate has increased by 20%. At Hanson Contracting, we are proud of the innovation that Causeway Ermeo has brought to the table. This solution represents the next step in our digital transition.

Chris Harrison, Business Manager at Hanson Contracting

To learn more about Hanson Contracting's digital journey, watch the video above.

Sephora DZALAS Content & Community Manager