Ermeo wins first place at the HighSpeed 18 World Congress

HighSpeed 18 World Congress

Ankara, 8-11 May 2018 - ErmeoErmeo, a French publisher of a business software solution for large industrial companies, has been awarded by the prestigious UIC World Congress on May 10, 2018.
The company was able to present the new version of its solution at the HighSpeed 18 World Congress of UIC.

After a pitch in front of a grand jury from the railway industry, Ermeo won the HighSpeed 2018 award, which honours innovative companies in the railway industry.

To support the digitalisation of its customers' services, Ermeo equips field agents with a business software solution that enables them to transform their technical documentation into a dynamic and interactive format. Intervention operations are then facilitated, optimised and made more reliable; the business data required for interventions are then centralised, and the view of operations is contextualised, centralised and complete.

Ermeo's solution ensures operational excellence for its customers in the Facility Management, Energy, Transport and Construction sectors.

The company, which in less than three years has developed a client portfolio of the biggest names in industry, has 35 clients to its credit, including Total, SNCF, Atalian, Engie, Orano and many others.

Ermeo, a SaaS solution available on smartphones and tablets, is accessible off the network, and allows optimised use of databases, with a contextualised 360° view during field operations.

The UIC HighSpeed 18 World Congress is a world renowned event, which addresses strategic issues related to the national and international development of high-speed rail systems. To this end, UIC and TCDD (State Railways of the Republic of Turkey) co-organised the 10th WCHRS from 8 to 11 May 2018 in Ankara. With the main theme of the event being "Sharing knowledge for competitive and sustainable operations", the congress had three main areas: sessions, stands and technical visits.

Ermeo, appointed alongside SocialDev and Hedgehog app, is proud to have been rewarded for his efforts, in front of an audience of more than a thousand HSR professionals from all continents.

"We are proud to have been rewarded by such a high-profile international event. 2018 will be a year of significant change for Ermeo, and this award marks the beginning of unprecedented growth. "says Pierre Joly, CEO and co-founder of Ermeo. Ermeo.

Camille de WAELE Content & Communication Manager Camille de Waele, Content & Communication Manager