Optimize your technical maintenance rounds

Maintenance and technical round

The challenge of technical maintenance rounds is to anticipate maintenance operations sufficiently in advance so that machine downtime does not penalise the activity. 

Control your maintenance rounds, whether they are planned or not.

With Ermeo, your operators will have mobile access to the planning of rounds, to maintenance ranges and to all the maintenance or control points. The completion of tasks entered in the application will be visible to the team leader and will feed the maintenance dashboard.

What is Ermeo's added value? 

  • Better visibility both on the progress of the technical rounds in progress and the history of those already completed with all the associated data.
  • More reactivity because the intervention reports are generated automatically at the end of each technical round and the data is synchronised with the Ermeo database and all connected databases (via ourAPI system). No more multiple entries.
  • All this data can also be reused during a technical round by pre-filling certain fields in the form to save the operator time.
  • More data available (all data collected is centralised, recorded and easily accessible via the web interface and mobile application - no more data loss due to paper format) and fewer data entry errors (the operator is accompanied at each stage of his intervention in the field information).
  • The ability to work on the mobile application and access the data in the database at several, simultaneously and without connection.
  • Plus homogenous in the practices (the same form is used by all teams) and the supports used (custom reports in the same format for everyone).

How's it going with Ermeo? 

The field operator launches a "Technical Round" form on the mobile application.

On this form several fields are present:

  • Speaker information: name, first name, etc.
  • Intervention information: date, location, etc. 
  • Details of the intervention: list of actions to be carried out and/or checked, etc.  
  • Maps of all locations requiring intervention

Once all the information has been entered in the application, the operator clicks on "Finish and send". 

A report is immediately sent to the platform. Thus, managers have visibility on the progress of the rounds, on the corrective actions to be carried out and on the work carried out by each participant.

Maintenance and technical round
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