Range and maintenance procedure

The challenge of maintenance ranges and procedures is to guide operators in the field so that they know exactly what actions to take step by step. 

What is Ermeo's added value?

Before Ermeo :

When an update was made, all the maintenance ranges and procedures had to be reprinted and the new version distributed to each operator in the field.

As updates were frequent and there were often many field operators, it was very time consuming. In addition, printing on paper was costly.

From Ermeo :

Updates are made automatically, field operators and remote operators have the possibility to make changes to procedures themselves if needed. It is very easy and intuitive

Your operators can make the right decisions and carry out their maintenance operations efficiently.  

With Ermeo, your technicians have automatic access to all maintenance procedures and ranges on the move. Ranges can also be enriched with photos or videos taken directly in the field for greater clarity. No forgetting of operations possible thanks to the locks in the forms.

More specifically, how is it going with Ermeo?

On Ermeo you have all your ranges and maintenance procedures on the mobile application

Your field operators can access all procedures from the mobile application. 

In the field, they open the maintenance ranges and procedures form. 

The operator starts a task and starts a task list or a procedure, he clicks on start intervention and a form is displayed with a field containing the operator's information.
Another field is displayed with the date and time of the intervention and another predefined field with the intervention details.

Once the intervention is completed, the operator clicks on "Finish and send". A report is then sent to the platform. The remote manager can check the details of the information and process the data collected by the operators in the field

In the event of a subsequent problem, all the operator's actions can be traced on the platform.

Ermeo maintenance ranges and procedures
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