Generate your Daily Reports with Ermeo

The aim is to produce daily reports more quickly, more completely, more reliably and to make the reports immediately usable.

How's it going on Ermeo?

During the intervention, your operators fill in a pre-filled form on the Ermeo mobile application. This form is intuitive and exhaustive.

Daily report. Mobile Application
Daily report. Mobile application

Ermeo's added value 

An improvement in the productivity of your technicians in the field : 

Thanks to Ermeo, achieve significant productivity gains quickly. Get rid of paper reports by dematerializing your procedures.

Ermeo allows you to eliminate low value-added tasks from your field operators by relieving them of administrative tasks, which are often cumbersome. This allows them to focus on the operational aspect of their job and improve their productivity.

Improved traceability of your data: 

In addition to the speed and reliability of the data entry, the Ermeo application ensures an infallible traceability of the interventions and of each of their stages.

The mobile application allows you to keep track of all the steps of the intervention. From the consideration of the customer's request to the closing and validation of the intervention in the field.

Digital technology allows us to keep all the evidence of the intervention carried out. This traceability can be very useful in the event of a dispute with the customer or in the event of an accident in the field.

Therefore, when the invoice is sent, all the information is available to justify it to the customer. Ermeo offers an electronic signature system to validate the intervention on site directly by the customer.

An improvement in data feedback :

Thanks to the connected operator platform, you can create dematerialized daily reports. Thus, the information entered on the application by the field operator is transmitted in real time on the platform and the remote operators can immediately read it.

The immediate transmission of information greatly facilitates the work of the administrative department thanks to a connection with the company's invoicing software or ERP. There is no need to wait for the next technician to come to the office to collect the forms and prepare the invoices. As a result, turnaround times are reduced from several weeks to a few hours.

Thanks to the dematerialization of their daily reports, companies gain :

  • re-entry errors are 100% eliminated,
  • Real-time data traceability,
  • Instant data transmission for faster billing
  • cash gains
Emma Duverne Marketing Manager