Digitise your control checklists


Checklists are clear and comprehensive guides that help inspectors to carry out inspections effectively and to ensure that all product requirements are met by the manufacturer. They are essential for identifying potential errors.  

With a complete view of all points to be checked. 

The checklists mainly address 5 issues: 

  • Identify minor problems immediately 
  • Be more confident about the quality of your product 
  • Reducing the level of risk 
  • Encouraging intelligent use of resources 
  • Have a tool that facilitates manufacturer-supplier relations

What is Ermeo's added value?

You can have a 360 degree view on the control points to be checked. As a remote operator you can see the progress of the checks and know immediately if there are any potential errors. 

With Ermeo, filling in checklists by your field operators is made easy. They can access all the contents of your checklists directly from a smartphone and tablet in connected and disconnected mode.

Your operators are faster in the field, they have homogeneous and exhaustive checklists. 

They hardly make any input errors anymore. There is no need to re-enter data collected in the field.

Ermeo reduces the number of low value-added tasks, the operator gains efficiency in the field by remaining focused on his main tasks.

How is it going concretely on Ermeo?

On Ermeo, managers personalise checklists in advance.

Field operators fill in the check lists from the mobile application directly in the field. 

Once completed the check lists are sent to the platform. 

The checklists are recorded in the application, which makes it possible to prove that all the checks have been carried out in the event of an incident. 

In addition, it allows for an overview and better planning of interventions.

Emma Duverne Marketing Manager