Ermeo : the Connected Operator Platform

Optimize the quality of your interventions

Today, every manufacturer is facing unprecedented competitiveness challenges.

That's why we created the Ermeo Connected Operator Platform, a solution that digitizes all processes and documents for the field.

Our solution consists of an interface and a mobile application.

Thanks to our intuitive interface, you can easily transform your business processes into visual, collaborative and connected forms.

With the Ermeo mobile application, we allow technicians to focus on the high value-added tasks of their job and to automate all the activities and actions that can be automated (such as reporting, for example).

They will be able to improve the quality of their interventions and make better decisions in the field..

We provide them with a mobile application from which they will be able to carry out all their activities: from the preparation of interventions, through the execution of work orders, to daily reports.

They will be guided through each step of their procedure and will automatically have access to the right information at the right time (Documents, Intervention History, Data associated with the intervention and equipment, etc.)..

The technicians will also be freed from all paper handling which is often tedious on site or at the construction site (rain, dirty or greasy environment, etc.).

Team leaders have a complete and up-to-date view of the follow-up of interventions, anomalies and the status of the equipment fleet.
ERMEO also consolidates all the data entered by the field teams in databases and updates in real time your business software (e.g. ERP, CMMS, CRM, others).

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