5 types of maintenance with ermeo

The 5 types of industrial maintenance

There are 5 types of industrial maintenance: curative maintenance, corrective maintenance, predictive maintenance, systematic preventive maintenance and...

Morgane NERET Head of Marketing
8 Ermeo industry issues

The 8 challenges of the industry sector addressed by Ermeo

The purpose of the Ermeo solution is first and foremost to respond to the challenges of field operators, and to help them...

Morgane NERET Head of Marketing
Ermeo Causeway

Ermeo acquired by the British group Causeway Technologies!

To reinforce its status as a leader in digital transformation in the UK construction sector,...

Corentin CLEMENT Marketing Manager Corentin Clément
Ermeo and Kizeo

Ermeo or Kizeo? The digital solutions adapted to your needs

If you're looking for mobile forms with advanced features to make it easier for you to complete your...

Nicolas Ausseur Marketing Manager
Mobile Forms

Find out how Ermeo allows you to eliminate the 7 mudas

The Lean Manufacturing project management method, also known as Lean Production, was invented at the beginning of the 20th century.

Emma Duverne Marketing Manager
Optimize the quality of your interventions

Ermeo: the Connected Worker platform

Today, every manufacturer faces unprecedented challenges in terms of competitiveness, which is why we are...

Emma Duverne Marketing Manager Treatment of nonconformities
The Ermeo team in its open space

Why does the entire team participate in customer service at Ermeo?

The excellent customer service is one of the assets favoured by the many manufacturers who trust Ermeo.

Thomas DIDIER Product Marketing Manager
Discover operational excellence

Behind the scenes at Ermeo: our structure

1. Why this structuring?a. A few words on the contextIn June 2018, we carried out a study on the...

Camille de WAELE Content & Communication Manager Camille de Waele, Content & Communication Manager
Onboarding of employees

Employee onboarding at Ermeo

We have considered the best way to welcome a new employee, both from a human/integration point of view and from a...

Camille de WAELE Content & Communication Manager Camille de Waele - Content Manager
Ermeo team at Le Cargo: Europe's largest innovation platform

A look back at 2018 with Ermeo

1. Ermeo in a few wordsErmeo is the Connected Operator Platform, but it is also the tool to achieve Excellence...

Camille de WAELE Content & Communication Manager Camille de Waele, Content & Communication Manager