Improve your audit management with Ermeo

Audit management, audit control

The challenge of audit management is to meet the need for a performance diagnosis of your equipment, your production site or your worksite. 

The audit is also intended to meet the safety needs of operators in relation to the machines in your equipment pool or in the field. 

Audit management has a key issue which is the traceability of information, this ensures reliability and security. Data historisation is very important at each stage of the process.

Traceability is necessary to prove compliance with the security standards in force, to prove that certain necessary actions have been carried out and to ensure the reliability of data retention.

What is Ermeo's added value? 

Before Ermeo, audit management was time consuming and tedious

  • The expert was to print the documents he would need,
  • He manually entered all the information to be collected,
  • He was to report all data once he arrived at the office, 
  • Send the report to your supervisor. 

With Ermeo you save time. The steps are shortened and you can enter the data directly on the application with : 

  • Interactive forms,   
  • An automatically generated and customizable report, 
  • Databases updated in real time.


More specifically, how are audits managed with Ermeo? 

From themobile application, the field expert is notified when a new intervention is assigned to him. He then has access to all the information needed to carry out his intervention, such as its nature, the site and the name of the client.

The application will automatically generate the relevant audit form. Ermeo forms are interactive. All the data to be collected is included and the expert simply has to fill in each brick by selecting the appropriate option or entering the relevant information. He can also add photos for more precision.

The Ermeo solution supports and accompanies the expert in the field. Omissions and re-entries are eliminated as the application reports missing data or incorrect values. 

When the intervention is finalised, the report is automatically generated. A pre-filled email is displayed to send it to the team leader and eventually to the customer.

Audit management, interactive forms, mobile application


All data is transmitted in real time to be consolidated in databases and then analysed and summarised in a dashboard. Ermeo's databases are compatible with different business software (such as PowerBI) and can therefore be synchronised.

From the web platform, the team leader has a 360° view of all interventions and data collected in the field. 

The dashboards allow him to access the general progress of the interventions but also according to the site, the customer and the teams. 

With this tool, the team leader can allocate resources and manage the different audit interventions in an optimal way.

With the web platform, the team leader plans the interventions. He creates the forms himself without the need for coding skills.

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Emma Duverne Marketing Manager