10 benefits of implementing the Ermeo Connected Operator Platform

10 benefits of implementing the connected operator platform

The Connected Operator Platform uses interactive procedures, IT systems and team collaboration to help field operators know when to do what interventions, and how, directly on their mobile devices.

Here are 10 reasons why, if you want to lead the Industry of the Future, you should implement the Ermeo Connected Operator Platform to digitalise your operations.

1. Achieve significant field productivity gains with the Connected Operator Platform

The Connected Operator Platform guides field operators step by step to complete their work while ensuring excellent adherence to procedures.

With checklist systems and display conditions, the field operator is assured of having all the cards on hand to ensure that his intervention is carried out correctly: checking compliance with safety instructions, carrying out all the necessary steps according to his specific answers, as well as proposing answers already formulated, which provides him with significant time savings.

This reduces the time wasted on ad-hoc methods for performing maintenance and operations, or on alternative methods for improving the efficiency of field workers.

Increasing field productivity and reducing NPT are the keys to your operational success.

The Ermeo Connected Operator Platform improves the productivity of Total, the key player in Oil & Gas, by 20%, which represents a significant improvement for an efficient and process-oriented company like Total.

2. Improve quality by reducing human error with the Connected Operator Platform

With the Connected Operator Platform, field operators use interactive procedures and guided interventions, which help them focus on getting the job done with optimal accuracy.

Human errors are the main reason for reduced quality and are the cause of a lack of standard operating procedures. With the Connected Operator Platform, field operators use dynamic procedures and guided interventions, which help them focus on performing a job with high accuracy.

With reduced errors, the quality of work of field workers is considerably improved.

3. Get excellent visibility into your operations with the Connected Operator Platform

One of the key benefits of digitizing work procedures and connecting field agents to their teams and managers is that it significantly improves the visibility of their operations.

An operational manager, or the plant manager, is now able to see in real time all the work performed by the field teams.

If incidents occur, operators can report them to the Connected Operator's Platform, which alerts them of an instant notification.

4. Get excellent traceability of operations with the Connected Operator Platform

In most industries, the traceability of operations and work is critical for accounting and auditing. Traceability and accounting do not depend on one member of a team, but on everyone.

Good record keeping is the first step in improving traceability. But the next step is to be able to perform fast and efficient searches.

The Connected Operator Platform provides excellent traceability of operations, equipment, and interventions, and optimized access to all data.

5. Improve operator safety and prevent accidents with the Connected Operator Platform

Worker safety is the top priority of industrial managers and their teams. Various independent studies show that human error is partially or completely responsible for industrial accidents.

Increased automation in the field, in addition to standardizing work procedures, can prevent accidents and improve agent safety.

6. Improve collaboration between teams with Ermeo

Achieving high levels of operational productivity requires better collaboration between field teams and also with management.

Better work collaboration between operational teams is fundamental, not only to work effectively, but also to improve the strengths and know-how of your workforce.

Teams can use different media such as images or texts to collaborate with each other and share reports in pdf, Excel, etc.

With the Connected Operator Platform, your field operators will be able to collaborate on the same work instructions and see where the last agent left off and where they should start again.

7. Enable remote consultations with the Ermeo solution

Industries and operational teams often rely on the expertise of operational consultants to guide them on complex tasks.

The Connected Operator Platform allows teams to collaborate with consultants in a simple way, understand work history and check procedures.

Since all data and reports are available on the Connected Operator Platform, it is easier for consultants to collaborate with your teams, understand the work history and review your procedures.

8. Collect and analyse your field data easily with the Ermeo solution

Interventions are programmed by managers or triggered by other systems such as CMMS, Ged, etc.

Following an anomaly, for a routine procedure, or to prevent a failure, managers will forward a possible intervention request by a work order, from which the operator will be instantly notified.

Operators can record field data while performing their interventions without delay. This data is instantly updated on all systems automatically and reports are sent to the various stakeholders. Updated data and reports are followed by adequate analysis and faster decision-making.

9. Integrate your databases and enterprise systems with the Ermeo solution

The Connected Operator Platform has real advantages in terms of data integration. It can integrate with your current IT environment, or other systems such as CMMS, EDM or BI tools to update the data collected anywhere in the field, as soon as your device connects to the internet.

This means that you no longer need to enter the same data into different unconnected IT software.

As a result, there is no longer a gap in the data between the different IT software packages.

Apart from preventing data gaps, this radically reduces the time spent by operators or other stakeholders on manual data entry in different IT systems.

10. Reduced training time and costs with Ermeo's solution

Training is a fundamental step in a successful digital strategy. The benefits of the Connected Operator Platform regarding training are as follows:

Through step-by-step interventions, connected agents continuously learn and improve their professional skills in the field. They collaborate with their teams on complex tasks and share their know-how.

All documentation, data sheets, procedures, instructions and safety guidelines associated with a task or equipment are available to operators at any time as they consider their needs.

As a result of this continuous learning, the training costs and time of your field operators are reduced.

Many process-oriented companies, such as SNCF, Total, ATALIAN, use the Connected Operator Platform to take advantage of the various benefits of the Connected Platform and to digitalise their procedures and improve their productivity, quality and safety at work.

Camille de WAELE Content & Communication Manager Camille de Waele - Content Manager