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Increase the productivity of your technicians

and improve your operational processes

With ermeo transform your

into augmented documentation



An augmented documentation,

interactive and collaborative

Your documentation always in the palm of your hand

No more paper, access all the documentation you need, even offline. Technicians are always ready to intervene.

Interactive contents

Go way beyond paper, use all the possibilities of smartphones and tablets to retrieve rich and relevant data on the ground (geolocation, photo, video, pressure, etc.) and guide technicians thanks to troubleshooting procedures.


Reports automatically generated

No more paperwork, reports are automatically generated. The app creates  a synthesis of all the performed operations.


Ermeo is suitable for all your activities

in maintenance, operations or facility management

Transform your technical documentation

into augmented documentation :

Guide technicians

Operating methods, maintenance procedures and forms

Facilitate decision-making

Troubleshooting guides, decision trees, failure trees

Retrieve field information

Forms, checklists, intervention sheets

Asset inventory

Fiches inventaire

Asset lifecycle management

Conditions survey

Secure infrastructures

Safety procedures, on-call forms

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