Connect your operators and gain in performance

Improve your operators' operational efficiency by 20%.
Reduce your technicians' re-intervention rate by 70%.

With Ermeo, simplify, standardize and digitalize your operational processes. Enhance your field operators' core business by ridding them of unnecessary tasks.

Start digitizing mobile maintenance and inspection today.

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The Connected Worker platform

Ermeo is a web and mobile solution designed to digitize all types of operations and documents.

Empower your operators, with simplified and enhanced procedures to ensure proper execution, immediate access to all necessary information and automatic reporting.
Get 100% value from data collected in the field by connecting Ermeo to your information systems (CMMS, MES, EDM, etc.).
Digitalize mobile maintenance and inspection

Transform your forms

Thanks to the Studio, an intuitive interface composed of a set of predefined functionalities, easily transform and simplify your procedures into interactive, collaborative, visual and connected digital forms.

Carry out your interventions in mobility

Take advantage of a high-quality online/offline experience with our mobile application, available for Android, iOS, Windows, and mobile web. Your teams are independent, but effectively accompanied during their field operations.

Manage your data

Import, create, organize, consult, update, filter your data (equipment, forms, reports, ...) easily, quickly and in real time.

Drive your business

Access all the data collected during your interventions and organize them freely to analyze at a glance the important indicators of your activity.

Update your current software

Automate data reporting and manual processes to gain a considerable amount of time by easily integrating our solution to your existing IT system.

Manage your users and access rights

Customize your teams' work environment and data access with the role and permissions system. Your operators have access to relevant features and content without putting sensitive data at risk.

Secure your data

Connect securely to your account (OAuth2, OpenID, ADFS) and take advantage of a technical infrastructure with multi-layered security.

A one stop shop solution, multiple uses.

Whatever your sector or type of activity: operations, production, maintenance, auditing, quality control, certification, etc., Ermeo can meet your needs, from the simplest to the most complex. Ermeo meets your needs, from the simplest to the most complex. Start digitizing your mobile interventions with an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution.


Control your operations by standardizing your operational processes for more collaboration between your teams.

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A high-quality product. The mobile app and its many features have simplified and improved our field operators' work on our offshore oil rigs.

Grégory Tétard Information Management Officer (Total)


Improve the quality and reduce the cost of your maintenance interventions by collecting a maximum of field data. Enrich the experience of your operators while homogenizing their practices and standardizing your operational processes. 

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Centralizing and sharing all our knowledge between our many maintenance teams has never been simpler than with Ermeo.

Martin Charlemagne Industrial Programs Manager (SNCF)


Start digitizing mobile maintenance and inspection and boost your productivity by standardizing your field operators' interventions, reducing equipment downtime and creating more collaboration between your teams. 


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Ermeo allowed us to significantly optimize our employees' and service providers' safety while also greatly reducing intervention time during production downtime.

Alizée GiacomelliHSE coordinator (Heineken)